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Latest X-tension DLL Revisions (numbered:)     Semantics21_x64    XwaysKPF_x64    XTension_ZIUZ_x64    JSONxtension_x64 

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Version Date Comments
Version 3.6.15.a
Working release
2021/03/10 Added total byte copy counts to results text output files. Creating folder for VHDX file if required.
2021/02/26 Added support for VHDX (Virtual Drive) storage for case data
Version 3.6.14.h
Latest releases:
Semantics 21

2021/02/19 Updated license Blacklist
2021/01/19 No longer aborting for long 'Torrent' filenames
2020/12/09 Cleaned up debug code, added 'examiner' option to CLI (Command Line Interface)
2020/08/28 Added indication in S21 XML report of parents promoted by child objects (thumbnails)
Version 3.6.14.g
Previous releases:
Semantics 21

2020/08/26 Fixed overwrite of S21 XML reports when combining Pictures and Movies with multiple partitions
2020/08/25 Fixed 'div-0' error when all association tables report zero items
2020/08/20 Added version number and compile date/time to Info dialog
Version 3.6.14.f
Previous releases:
Semantics 21
2020/08/04 Added Black/White list status and Locale to log file
2020/07/14 Completed transition for combined reports (PicturesAndMovies.xml) in S21 variant
2020/06/25 Added UK Licensing Agreement warning dialog box to KPF and JSON variants
2020/06/24 Now extracting 'Locale' and 'TimeZone' information during startup
2020/06/18 Renamed 'ProjectVICxtension_x64.dll' to 'JSONxtension_x64.dll' due to licensing issues
2020/06/12 Added Total Processing Time tracking and number of Cases and Evidence Objects
2020/06/09 Now saving custom user settings to registry prior to launching main tasks
Version 3.6.14.e
Previous releases:
Semantics 21
2020/04/29 New option to combine 'Picture' and 'Movie' Index (XML) files into single file for S21 variant
2020/04/16 Added 'KTX' file extension to 'Picture' types. Now supporting 26 types
2020/03/11 Added warning dialog when turning 'Metadata Truncation' OFF
2020/03/04 Increased limit of partitions to process from 128 to 256
2020/02/04 Reinstated ProjectVIC support: now requires variant-specific license
2020/02/04 Removed 'Raster Image' viewing in 'KPFviewer.exe' (ZIUZ variant only)
2020/01/30 Combine C4All style Picture and Video reports (for KPF variant)
Version 3.6.14.d
Previous releases:
Semantics 21
2019/12/04 Dropping free KPF support. All variants now require a valid license key (trial or paid subscription)
2019/12/02 Added guard for re-entrant DLL calls
2019/11/22 Added SHA-1 (Base32) organization for Library function (single level subfolder with 2 'base32' digits)
2019/11/19 Incorporating Alternate Name from 'XWF_GetItemName()' (for recycled files)
2019/10/10 Can now handle a Case Report Path based on root of a drive
Version 3.6.14.c 2019/07/02 Added 'WEBP' file extension to 'Picture' types
Version 3.6.14.b 2019/05/28 Added 'HEIC' file extension to 'Picture' types
Version 3.6.14.a 2019/04/10 Fixed 'Divide by zero' exception caused by non-image files, not filtered by NSRL
2019/04/10 Forcing alignment of FILETIME types to 8-byte boundaries
2019/04/10 Added FILETIME bounds check for invalid dates
2019/04/01 Undefined 'JSON_OUTPUT' for Semantics21 variant
Version 3.6.12.n 2018/11/10 Added support for BOM UTF-8 encoding for 'XTParams' Config file
2018/10/19 Added 'Devices' count to 'Case Results.xml'
2018/10/08 Now allowing 'truncated' CLI parameters, such as 'XTParam:casereport'
2018/10/04 Added handlers for CLI (command Line Interface) 'XTParam' parameters
2018/09/28 Added 'GetCommandLine()' call to 'XT_Prepare()'
2018/09/26 Fixed illegal characters passed in Evidence Object Title from X-ways
Version 3.6.12.m 2018/07/27 Fixed category summary error in 'Results.txt' regarding 'Cat0' (when report table not present)
2018/07/25 Fixed irrelevant and categorized file counts (for embedded images) in Results reports
Version 3.6.12.k 2018/07/10 'SourceID' in JSON now reports title of physical parent object
2018/07/09 Added checkbox to KPF variant for 'Enhanced LACE' XML reports
2018/06/29 Modified <myDescription> tag of C4All XML files to be compatible with BlueBear LACE for post RVS analysis
2018/06/27 Modified 'Case Results.xml' file to list categories as tags rather than as attributes
2018/06/26 Now properly reporting non-image parents of images in JSON reports
2018/06/25 Handling 'Cat0' (ProjVIC) correctly: listing in tables and excluding counts as categorized
2018/06/21 Fixed relative path tag <rPath> in S21 XML output report
2018/06/21 More robust parsing of HASH table name for category. Allows spaces to precede category, i.e. 'ProjVIC Cat 3'
2018/06/20 'Carved' files now properly reported as 'Deleted' in JSON output
2018/06/18 Cleaning up folder structures for all variants
Version 3.6.12.j 2018/05/29 Removed extraneous folder from Semantics 21 variant
2018/05/24 Now allows user to modify the Case Name from that provided by X-ways
2018/05/23 Rejecting 'thumbnail' if the parent is a reparse point
2018/05/09 If thumbnail categorized as irrelevant, but parent is notable, include thumbnail in report for re-assessment
2018/04/13 When archiving and 'ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT' is thrown, only current item is aborted, not full RVS
2018/04/06 Added 'Abort' log to DLL folder when license key is not found or is invalid to help clarify cause. Uses common name (overwritten).
2018/03/16 Now counting table associated files during initialization and adding RVS (case wide) file counts to Report Table names in new dialog.
2018/03/15 Added dialog to display Report Table names extracted from X-ways. Tables recognized as 'Categorized' are highlighted for clarification
2018/03/09 Supporting UNC filenaming to allow longer pathnames
Version 3.6.12.h 2018/02/24 Added 'Torrents' file count to log summary and corrected column alignments
2018/02/16 Now indicating XML tag generating a CDATA truncation anomaly
2018/02/15 Added XML version of 'Results' file to Case folder for collation
2018/02/13 Added feature to detect and copy Torrent files to a separate folder
Version 3.6.12.g 2018/01/03 Updated DLL logging to allow selection of case or log folder
2018/01/11 <xPixels> tag in S21 XML now written as integer, rounded to 4 significant digits
Version 3.6.12.f 2017/12/09 Added SHA-1 (base32) output to Semantics 21 reports
2017/12/01 Categorized file count for user warning now uses all selected evidence objects
2017/11/28 Corrected 'total volume file' count in volume summaries of 'Case Results' output file
2017/11/18 Added dialog to be displayed when failing license validation (Semantics 21 only)
Version 3.6.12.e 2017/11/15 Changed criteria for valid files to include those that are 'Not Confirmed'
2017/11/09 Now using user-edited device name for <fullPath> and <xParentPath> iN S21 output
2017/11/04 Added warning message boxes for certain anniversaries of the expiration date
2017/10/31 Fixed <xPixels> tag value extracted from X-Ways
2017/10/27 Added <xSkinColor> tag to Semantics 21 output XML file
Version 3.6.12.d 2017/10/13 Added <xAttribute> tag to report 'file attribute' in Semantics 21 XML output
2017/10/06 Fixed JSON record error when using 'Super-Consolidate' for ProjectVIC® output format
2017/09/27 Migrated DLL project and solution to MS Visual Studio 2017
2017/09/19 Added 'SHA-1 Base32' option for archiving in 'Library' mode (KPF variant only)
2017/09/11 PDNA will no longer be calculated for images reported as 'irregular' in X-Ways v19.3 and up
2017/09/08 Added 'Raster' and 'PhotoDNA' process times to 'Results.txt' and log file. Also added 'Elapsed' time to log file.
2017/09/07 Continuing work on PhotoDNA DLL support. Added warning dialog about additonal processing time.
Version 3.6.12.c 2017/08/29 Fixed tag in Semantics 21 output file (corrected object's name, removed extra backslash)
Added 'embedded' option to <xDescription> tag in Semantics 21 output file
Version 3.6.12.b 2017/08/16 Handling new case for 'XWF_GetItemInformation(DELETION_STATUS)' [5='carved files'] 
2017/08/08 Started integration of PhotoDNA hash calculation
Version 3.6.12.a
2017/07/20 Fixed problem with JSON files when using Super Consolidate (correct comma usage)
2017/06/20 Added option to store Log files in Case folder or 'Status Logs' folder
Version 3.6.11.g
2017/06/14 Fixed problem with JSON path generation and PhotoDNA failure reporting issue
2017/06/02 ProjectVIC® JSON reports now support 'Case Consolidation'
Version 3.6.11.f
2017/05/12 Added 'Media@odata.navigationLinkUrl' entry to ProjectVIC® JSON output.
2017/05/11 Fixed PhotoDNA detection bug for multiple Evidence Object cases
Version 3.6.11.e
2017/05/08 Semantics 21 can throw PhotoDNA error for any output, and changed polarity of PhotoDNA failure detection
2017/04/24 Added warning dialog for failing to extract PhotoDNA values when ProjectVIC® option is selected
Version 3.6.11.d
2017/03/22 Removing multiple lines from Examiner field extracted from Xways
Version 3.6.11.c
2017/03/17 Changed <xExt> in Semantics 21 XML to a 'CDATA' type
Changed <fID> in Semantics 21 XML file to increment continuously through multiple partitions when consolidating
2017/03/08 Added 'total time-to-copy' and average transfer rate to results summary (including consolidated reports)
2017/03/02 Now logging 'time-to-copy' and transfer rate for file archiving
2017/03/01 Removing trailing spaces from Evidence Object Titles (which cause path issues)
Version 3.6.11.b
2017/02/21 Fixed missing description types in Super (Uber) Summary Results file
2017/02/18 Added <xDisk> tag to Semantics 21 XML report file to track partition containing target file
2017/02/17 Corrected report tree view to show Super (Uber) results file "Combined_Results.txt'
2017/02/14 Now sanitizing 'Case' and 'Examiner' names to convert to both UNICODE and compatible 8-bit characters
Added key expiration date to 'Full Version Info' dialog for user reference
Version 3.6.11.a
2017/02/02 Preventing duplication of video stills from movies with different names but same MD5 hash
2017/02/01 Added <xShadow> tag to Semantics 21 XML indicating 'Shadow Copy' status
2017/01/27 Added Evidence Object breakout count to Super (Uber) Results files
Version 3.6.10.i
2017/01/23 Fixed possible buffer overrun in 'MakeXMLelementCDATA()', 'MakeXMLelement()' and 'SanitizeJSONmetadata()' functions
Fixed embedded CDATA handler in 'MakeXMLelementCDATA()' functions
Version 3.6.10.h
2017/01/20 Verifying that Primary HASH type is MD5, due to dependency on that type for various operations. Aborts if otherwise
2017/01/19 Removed 'Copy Thumbnail' option from Semantics 21 variant. Now processes all embedded thumbs
2017/01/18 Fixed invalid extension when extracted from embedded file (i.e. 'aspx?=333...')
2017/01/17 'SanitizeName()' now handling brackets and parentheses as square brackets for 8-bit characters
2017/01/16 Now handling 'invalid filename/path errors' differently from 'disk full' error
2017/01/10 Added 'LastError' and 'LastErrorLine' to file system error trap
2017/01/04 Added File ID to Anomaly, Warning and Error detection output line
Version 3.6.10.g
2016/12/29 Fixed abbreviated error log reporting all items
Version 3.6.10.f 2016/12/10 Added 'Error', 'Warning' and 'Anomaly' tracking, with option to save compact log upon completion, if any were detected
2016/12/09 Fixed handling of special characters in XML values: & < > ' " (Semantics 21 only)
2016/12/08 Now saving movie stills using Xways generated filenames
2016/12/07 Created 'CMap' class for tracking still sequence numbers for each parent ID (movie)
Removed 'Thumbs' folder from Semantics 21 output structure
Version 3.6.10.e 2016/12/05 Fixed handling of Full-width double-quotes in Metadata
2016/12/02 Fixed loss of JSON 'RelativeFilePath' when 'Never Copy' is selected
Fixed 'double-quotes' in JSON file pathnames (extracted from email)
2016/12/01 Cleaned up 'ProjectVIC® 1.2' compatibility in dialog UI
2016/11/30 Handling invalid character in 'XWF_GetReportTableInfo()' API call ('Fullwidth' forms) 
Handling Unicode Extended Control codes in filenames and metadata
Version 3.6.10.d 2016/11/25 Handling Crypto failures for follow-on EO's when consolidating
Handling Unicode surrogate pairs when converting to UTF-8 in JSON metadata
Version 3.6.10.c 2016/11/22 Cleaned up LACE IM indications on dialog, default size for ImageMark
2016/11/18 Fixed incorrect UTF-8 character substitution for 'control' characters
Added exception handling for Xways API call crashes
2016/11/16 Fixed missing ImageMark for archived multi-child parents (JSON only)
2016/11/15 Corrected double quotes within metadata for JSON reports
Added compatibility option for ProjectVIC® version 1.2 JSON reports
Version 3.6.10.b 2016/11/14 Fixed issue with excessive extended UTF-8 characters in the filename
Version 3.6.10 2016/11/11 Fixed packing error in 'ReportTableAssociations'
2016/11/10 Official release based on above changes
Version 3.6.9.e 2016/11/10 Converting '&' and '<' characters in metadata correctly to '&amp;' and '&lt;' for XML compliance
Version 3.6.9.d 2016/11/03 Fixed error in temporary log buffer when a case has a large number of evidence objects
2016/11/02 Now counting notable and uncategorized files during DLL init call and tracking for partition/drive/case
Renaming consolidate options to 'Drive Consolidate' and 'Case Consolidate'
2016/10/28 Handling '(Stammverzeichnis)' correctly in path name ['(Root directory)' in German]
2016/10/27 Now handling control characters (LF, CR, TAB) correctly in JSON strings
2016/10/26 Now supports locked version of Lace ImageMark® DLL (C4All variant only)
Added 'Results_Total.txt' in top level folder for 'Uber-Consolidate' (ZIUZ only)
2016/10/24 Adding support for 'BlueBear Lace ImageMark®' DLL (C4All variant, JSON output only)
2016/10/21 Handling 'ERROR_HANDLE_DISK_FULL' error when attempting to archive image or movie file
2016/10/20 Changed names of Uber-Consolidate report files to 'Images Total.xml' and 'Movies Total.xml' in ZIUZ variant
2016/10/19 Added 'Super-Consolidate' option ('Uber-Consolidate' for ZIUZ)
Version 3.6.9.c 2016/10/07 Now supporting UTF-8 encoding in the activity log output
2016/10/06 Converting Unicode characters to UTF-8 in JSON file names and paths
2016/10/05 Handling file system errors when disk is full using 'try', 'catch' and 'throw' statements
Version 3.6.9.b 2016/10/05 Tested and verified ProjectVIC® JSON output in 'VICSverify' and 'AnalyzeDI'
2016/10/04 Fixed date fields in JSON
Handling extended & Unicode characters in path and file names in JSON output These characters are being replaced with '#'
Version 3.6.9.a 2016/10/04 Implemented guard against 'XWF_Read()' errors
2016/10/03 Corrected 'RelativeFilePath' and 'ParentFilePath' fields in JSON file, and added 'OffenderIdentified' and 'VictimIdentified' fields
Fixed issue with activity log failing after the second evidence object is prepared
2016/09/29 Correctly inhibiting CETS Manifest files when 'ProjectVIC' output is selected
JSON format output files will be named 'ProjectVIC_xxx.JSON' and created in 'Pictures' or 'Movies' folders 
2016/09/24 Adding MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 Hash calculation for files not hashed by X-ways
2016/09/20 Adding support for multiple Report Table names mapping to the same 'category' number
2016/09/15 Fixed 'Category' field in JSON to be of type BYTE
Version 3.6.8.e 2016/09/07 Corrected thumbnail destination for ProjectVIC output
2016/09/02 Changed JSON references to 'ProjectVIC®' output
2016/09/01 Fixed thumbnails not being copied for ProjectVIC® output
2016/08/29 Removed 'SkinColor.dat' output for ZIUZ variant
2016/08/25 JSON and C4All XML output files now mutually exclusive
2016/08/19 Fixed JSON errors: escaped quotes, path backslashes, and last record commas
2016/08/18 Corrected JSON output files (excluding PhotoDNA when not calculated)
Reporting 'cat3', 'cat4' & 'NSRL' files as irrelevant in 'Results' file
Version 3.6.8.d 2016/08/01 Fixed missing ':' from drag-drop or user selected report path
Version 3.6.8.c 2016/07/11 Changed ZIUZ option on dialog to 'Include 'not-confirmed''
Stripping ':' from Evidence Object Titles
Version 3.6.8.b 2016/07/08 ZIUZ variant will now process files declared as 'Picture' or 'Video' by X-ways, even if 'not-confirmed'
Version 3.6.8.a 2016/06/22 Added app type and num users to keys
ToolTip for 'Consolidate' warns if only one evidence object is selected
Added warning message boxes for Semantics 21 variant
Version 3.6.8 2016/06/22 Upgraded version number for release
Version 3.6.7.e 2016/06/13 Extract 'Type description' from API for v18.9 and up (for Semantics 21)
Removed tag from 'Case Report.txt' due to C4All incompatibility
Semantics 21 and ZIUZ versions copy all thumbnails to same folder as images
Semantics 21 and ZIUZ use type description (X-Ways >= 18.9) for image and video classification
Correctly counting thumbnails in 'Results.txt' file
Version 3.6.7.d 2016/05/31 Guarded calls to 'XWF_GetEvObjProp()' when evidence object is NULL (no partitions selected).
Now counting when a parent is promoted based on a child (thumbnail)
Now displaying up to 20 category counts in summaries
Version 3.6.7.c 2016/05/15 Fixed counting error in 'Results.txt' when consolidating
Now accepts 'catN' without spaces
Excluding 'video stills' from 'category' counts, similar to how 'thumbnails' are excluded
Version 3.6.7.a 2016/04/28 Naming JSON file based on type of files, ie pictures or movies
Changed email address ('Copy' button) to ''
Version 3.6.6.n 2016/04/21 Modified key request generator to use first 4 of dongle MD5 to prevent request overwrites
Added 'Write Log' option for full keys (duplicates output to HypoDebug)
Version 3.6.6.m 2016/04/02 Elaborated JSON records
Version 3.6.6.k 2016/03/31 Incorporated 't_FileStats' structures into 't_ParentEvObj' to accomodate non-contiguous evidence objects when using consolidate
Version 3.6.6.g 2016/02/23 Increased number of MAX_PARTITIONS from 16 to 64 to support multiple drives and Consolidation
Version 3.6.6.f 2016/02/17 Modified tag (m_strDescription) in C4P and C4M index XML files. Moved 'Deleted' to front (Espen Oyslebo)
Version 3.6.6.e 2016/02/10 Added 'm_strPDNAhash', and PhotoDNA support ('ConvertToBase64()')
Version 3.6.6.d 2016/02/09 Fixed UTC and Local time zone issues
Version 3.6.6.c 2016/02/04 Added JSON file output, 'PrepareJSONrecord()'
Added ToolTip support, more Video file types (based on Key)
Version 3.6.6.b 2016/01/14 Added 'CMyParentEvObjMap' to track parent evidence handle and names for folder consolidation. This will store all report from each partition in a case within a common folder, the name of which is that of the parent volume.
Added 'AfxMessageBox()' calls to dialog options restricted to 'm_eFullFeatures'
Added DLL setup for 'XWF_GetEvObj()'
Version 3.6.6.a 2015/12/21 Adding 'AnalyseDI' JSON file generation
Version 3.6.5.k 2015/12/20 Modified second and subsequent thumbnails filenames to not overwrite primary thumb
Version 3.6.5.j 2015/10/27 Fixed bad HASH type reporting. Added X-Ways logs for keys
Version 3.6.5.h 2015/09/11 Added 'm_mapParentItems' to track parent snapshot info
Version 3.6.5.g 2015/09/09 More work on 'CVolumeSnapshotItem::SanitizeMetadata()'
Version 3.6.5.f 2015/07/10 Added X-Ways defines for 'XT_Prepare()'
Version 3.6.5.e 2015/07/04 Renames expired keys to '*.key_expired' using 'RENAME_EXPIRED'
Version 3.6.5.d 2015/06/30 Added detection for expired and valid trial and full keys
Version 3.6.5.c 2015/06/27 Added time check for system clock roll-back cheaters
Version 3.6.5.b 2015/06/26 Added trial (30 day) key validation
Version 3.6.5.a 2015/06/25 Add key parents or children to 'Verify' report table
Added key file search, supports any 'key' file in same folder as DLL
Version 3.6.4.q 2015/06/02 Added KeyID for registration, default expiration of one year
Version 3.6.4.o 2015/05/12 For multiple-thumb JPG's, modify parent's Cat to match insidious thumb
Version 3.6.4.n 2015/05/07 Added 'm_mapParents' to track multiple-thumb JPG's
Version 3.6.4.m 2015/04/07 Apply changes from 'SanitizeMetadata()' to 'GetSanitizedName()'
Version 3.6.4.l 2015/03/26 No longer rejecting video stills if parent has XWF_ITEM_FLAG_HASH_KNOWN_GOOD set
Version 3.6.4.k 2015/03/25 Fixed bug in 'SanitizeMetadata()'
Version 3.6.4.j 2015/03/21 Added 'theApp.m_bLongDebug' - debugging Eric P. (
Version 3.6.4.i 2015/03/14 Fixed <pathW>
Version 3.6.4.h 2015/02/25 Fixed <path> in XML for 'Never-Copy' case
Version 3.6.4.g 2015/02/05 Added 'NEF' as valid file type
Version 3.6.4.f 2015/02/02 Strip spaces from output of 'XWF_GetCaseProp()' - new function: 'TrimWhiteSpace()'
Version 3.6.4.e 2015/01/28 Cleaning up counters for 'Results.txt', message and HypoDebug log
Version 3.6.4.d 2015/01/27 Tab testing for 'SendToXways()' message log
Version 3.6.4.c 2015/01/26 Added results to message log output
Version 3.6.4.b 2015/01/20 Added message log output using 'SendToXways()'
Version 3.6.4.a 2015/01/17 Added 'LicenseInfo' structure for 'XT_Info()' exported function
Version 3.6.3.k 2015/01/16 Corrected issue where file dates were not returned from 'XWF_GetItemInformation();
Version 3.6.3.j 2015/01/15 Replacing '/' with '-' in CaseName (avoids spawning additional report folder)
Version 3.6.3.i 2015/01/13 Expanded table category search to 'category' and made case-insensitive
Fixed 'XWF' callback for secondary hash table (XWF_VSPROP_SEC_HASHTYPE)
Version 3.6.3.h 2015/01/08 Now handling error case of 'XWF_GetItemType()' in 'XT_ProcessItemEx()'
Handled case for Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) files where ParentID returns '-1'
Version 3.6.3.h 2015/01/08 Now handling error case of 'XWF_GetItemType()' in 'XT_ProcessItemEx()'
Handled case for Volume Shadow Copy (VSC) files where ParentID returns '-1'
Version 3.6.3.g 2014/12/31 Added secondary hash type retrieval. 'XWF_GetVSProp()' updated for v18.0 SR-4
Version 3.6.3.f 2014/12/29 Added 'Sm' option to dialog for 'Image Rasterizing'
Version 3.6.3.e 2014/12/29 Added call to 'XWF_GetVSProp()' to retrieve primary hash type
Version 3.6.3.d 2014/12/27 Increased buffer size of 'XWF_GetHashValue()'
Version 3.6.3.a 2014/12/08 Added support for 'XWF_GetRasterImage()'
Version 3.6.2.d 2014/11/14 Permit Video stills that have not been hashed (Type == 'XWF_ITEM_TYPE_NOT_VERIFIED', but Class == 'XWF_ITEM_CLASS_VIDEO_STILL')
Version 3.6.2.c 2014/10/19 Added 'ReduceWCS()' to convert CStringW to CStringA (for full path)
Version 3.6.2.a 2014/10/17 Fixed possible bug in 'GetSanitizedName()'
Version 3.6.1.b 2014/09/16 Added 'Movie Library' support
Version 3.6.1.a 2014/09/15 Added 'Picture Library' support
Version 3.5.13.a 2014/08/13 Added 'CETS Media Manifest.xml' file output
Version 3.5.12.k 2014/06/10 Accomodate pre-'selected partition bit' versions of X-Ways
Version 3.5.12.j 2014/06/10 Updated for 'selected partition bit' in 'XWF_GetEvObjProp', and show all tree folders for those selected partitions
Version 3.5.12.i 2014/06/06 Added abb. ev. obj. title output to 'Results.txt' file
Version 3.5.12.h 2014/06/06 Added abb. ev. obj. title output to HypoDebug in 'XT_Prepare()'
Version 3.5.12.g 2014/06/06 Modified destination path to include abb. ev. obj. title
Version 3.5.12.f 2014/06/06 Added report of 'abbreviated ext. ev. obj. title' and filtering of 'Selected for operations' in flag
Version 3.5.12.e 2014/06/05 Added report of 'flags' to evidence objects above
Version 3.5.12.d 2014/06/05 Added iteration through 'Evidence Objects' using 'XWF_GetFirstEvObj' & 'XWF_GetNextEvObj' in 'XT_Init()'
Version 3.5.12.b 2014/06/05 Added '\EvObj#' folders to output path
Version 3.5.12.a 2014/06/05 Added 'Extract metadata' option to dialog & 'm_bMetadata'
Version 3.5.11.s 2014/06/05 Added filter for UTF-16 codes: U+D800 to U+DFFF
Version 3.5.10.i 2014/05/16 Added calls to 'XWF_OpenItem' (for thumbnails)
Version 3.5.10.h 2014/05/16 Added calls to 'XWF_GetExtractedMetadata'
Version 3.5.10.g 2014/05/16 Cleaning up 'XT_ProcessItemEx', added TYPE to Stills folder
Version 3.5.10.f 2014/05/16 Baseline source control version
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