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As a baby boomer whose generation introduced the computer to the world, and having a cousin involved in computer forensics as a Law Enforcement Officer, I was challenged by my cousin one day to use my C/C++ programming ​skills to solve a unique problem one of his peers was experiencing. In April of 2014 I was called upon to provide assistance to the Ontario Provincial Police during their early adaptations of 'X-Ways Forensics' to the Ontario Provincial Strategy, in particular by using an 'X-Tension' (a DLL) to access the API available in 'X-Ways Forensics' I eventually took control of the project and have been fine-tuning and enhancing it ever since.

Original X-Tension

The original X-Tension was designed to work on a Refined Volume Snapshot (RVS) and generate a series of XML report files that could then be ingested into 'C4All' for further analysis and case handling. Both types of reports were supported (Pictures and Movies) and the resulting folder structure was also designed to be compatible with 'C4All'. After 18 months of refinement (working evening and weekends in my spare time) and extensive testing by my cousin, we were finally able to present a useful product to the ICE community. The principal enhancement of the new DLL working from within 'X-Ways Forensics' was a dramatic increase in speed and reduction in case processing time (from literally days to under an hour).

The X-Tension created to the original 'C4All' specification is no longer available and has been superseded by a much more advanced paid version. Note that the user must also have a licensed version of 'X-Ways Forensics' to use the DLL (available from X-Ways).


The X-Tension has grown significantly since its original inception, primarily in how it can present reports to the LE user, options available to the user, and also with enhanced processing that is designed to assist the ICE community directly. Although originally offered as a limited capability 'free' version, the addition of the many enhanced features have forced the retirement of the 'free' version, and now requires a valid, paid license for access to any of the DLL variants. The license is in the form of an encrypted 'key' file used to unlock the X-Tension.

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